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Our Fantastic Folly

Dante knew it. He cautioned us.

While climate change and misuse of land are real and happening, the greatest threat to mankind is not some relatively recent phenomenon we can blame on progress or apathy. It’s something likely as old as homo habilis, the first known species to utilize stone tools. It’s a powerful force that has hijacked our reason. One that is driving our runaway train to ruination. It’s the single thing at the heart of the degradation of habitat causing extinction and certainly, the thing responsible for the exploitation of all that is vulnerable on this planet. One need only look at this recent report to understand. Though there are endless examples.   


It’s a pandemic for which there is no cure—a global menace lacking a predator. It’s pervasive, highly contagious. Those immune to it bear the burden for and suffer at the hands of those affected. There is only one effective treatment, but it lies beyond the reach of those who could administer the cure.

It’s taken control because increasingly, we’ve moved toward the mindset that there’s simply not enough. Even when we have enough we fail to recognize our fortune—because the most intolerable of the symptoms is the addiction to more.

Its name is greed.